APD launches new high-tech software to drive dealership profitability 


As the automotive sector sits on the precipice of one of the biggest shake-ups for decades, Automotive Business Management Services firm, APD, has launched its most sophisticated budgeting and forecasting software system to date, ProfitPlanner+ , to help dealer networks become more efficient and support profitable. 

2023 is looking like it’s going to be a tough year for the automotive industry, as the cost of living crisis, fuel prices and rising interest rates have already started to dampen the market, and the introduction of  agency model’smay further impact dealer’s sales volume or supply of used stock as seen in some early adopter markets. 

But APD warns the bigger threat to an OEMs dealer network comes from an inability to view the financial picture across the entire network accurately, support dealers viability and to recognise and react to market changes quickly enough

John Waring, CEO at APD, explained: Increasing efficiencies to drive profitability should be top of all organisations’ priorities over the next 12 months and beyond, as we are likely to see a less active and a more destressed market than we have witnessed over the last two years.” 

“Dealerships will need to be more proactive and effective in their sales process to generate footfall and increase the percentage of sales and added value products and services. Similarly, they will need to become more effectivein managing existing customers, reviewing their retention strategy for sales and aftersales.”

“Managing new and used car stock will also require more precise forecasting to ensure the pendulum doesn’t swing too far in the opposite direction. Clear KPI’s that deliver two-way reporting and communication between OEMs and dealers is the best way to achieve continued profitability in an uncertain market.”

ProfitPlanner+ is a highly intuitive budgeting and forecasting solution. Using the latest technology to integrate and streamline data between OEMs and dealer networks it provides clear and concise business planning that is quick to set up and easy to maintain being integrated with a DMS, composite or other data inputs.

The SAS-based software is available worldwide, which enables global organisations to gain an accurate overview of market, region and dealer budget projections and aftersales opportunities and measure performance more efficiently across an international network.

APD has an impressive track record of introducing new technology and a sophisticated portfolio of software solutions. With a clear vision for the future of network performance management, whether operating a franchised, agency or hybrid model and cutting-edge technology, the firm aims to close the gap between OEMs and dealerships by helping them interpret data and providing them with detailed performance and opportunity insight. 

John continued: Technology, operational and performance data is the core of what APD does. We are committed to continuous improvement and product development. ProfitPlanner+ is a perfect example of how we can improve a business with measurable outcomes.”

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