Give your organisation the support every great leader has

APD’s Education and Training Academy brings the most up-to-date Operational Leadership and Management programmes for OEMs and motor vehicle dealerships across the UK and international markets.

APD Consultancy brings an unparalleled blend of automotive specialist knowledge and best-practice processes to help OEMs and motor vehicle dealerships meet specific business objectives successfully.

Our adaptable, structured, collaborative approach enables us to work closely with both dealership and OEM teams to identify growth opportunities, increase process efficiency, and drive change effectively.


– we anticipate industry shifts and find tangible profit opportunities.


– we offer ‘measurable performance improvement’ programmes focused on meeting critical objectives.


– we take a ‘real-world’ approach with practical processes and accessible business support tools.

Automotive experts

– we have first-hand knowledge of industry best practices and the know-how to tailor them to specific needs.


– we are invested in our products, striving to deliver market-leading solutions.


– we are attentive listeners and empathetic to our client’s individual needs.


– we’re committed to developing strong partnerships to drive success for both clients and our team members.

Maximum flexibility to meet every need

Based on your individual needs, you can choose how you wish to receive APD’s consulting service. We facilitate in-person and remote access to our team of consultants throughout the consultancy period. Moreover, we work globally and have automotive specialists with first-hand experience across international markets.

Setting up change for success

Whether you are an OEM wanting to support your dealer network or a dealer seeking to optimise performance, we can work with you to assess opportunities for growth in each department, plan for the introduction of the Agency model or prepare for the shift to electric vehicles and its financial impact.

Covering extensive business disciplines

Our consultancy services cover the following business areas:

Helping recruit good talent

APD’s recruitment service is designed to support you in sourcing and hiring good quality candidates with the requisite knowledge, skills and aptitude for automotive retailing. Our recruitment process, facilitated by an experienced industry consultant, seeks to hire successful candidates on the day.

During the process, candidates undergo a series of roleplay exercises, competency tests and a structured interview to investigate their competencies for the relevant role. These scenarios show candidates in their true light, identifying true talent. Through behaviour profiling techniques, we can underpin the candidate’s suitability for the role while using interviews to check for values and ‘fit’ with the relevant business.

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