Management solutions for the automotive industry across the globe


apd was established in 2006. The company is privately owned and is founded on a platform of over 250 man years of expertise in automotive business management and dealer operations. We take pride in our unparalleled reputation for integrity and ensure our approach to our industry remains innovative.


Since 2006, apd have been providing business management products, consultancy and training programmes to the global automotive sector. Offering a unique blend of bespoke development and tailored services, apd have the experience to develop and deliver market leading solutions.

Striving for Excellence

With award winning products and a wealth of client testimonials, apd have a demonstrable track record of success backing up our proven products and services.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to provide automotive clients with a purpose designed business intelligence analysis and reporting service that blends a technology led solution with professional automotive business management expertise."

Our core competencies are:

  • Performance Reporting Solutions
  • Business Management Composite Services
  • BI Financial Insights
  • Automated Action Planning Solutions
  • Business Development Planning
  • Profit Improvement Programmes
  • Dealer Composite Audits
  • Network Planning
  • Business Coaching
  • Training Services
  • Consultancy Programmes

Key Products

Composite Reporting

A fully web-based system, automatic import of trial balance direct from DMSs/Accounts packages with intelligent import controls, online colour coded data validation routine, 100% input data commercially reviewed, automated email notifications, privilege hierarchy for user access, instant management accounts reporting for custom periods and custom groups, dynamic building averages and real time submission statistics are some of the features of our powerful composite system.

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'Dashboards' from apd provides you with a visually stunning insight into the performance and health of your dealer network, now you really do have your finger on the pulse of your dealer network like never before.

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Interrogator is our powerful composite data interrogation tool. This is provided to manufacturers as part of the composite suite of reporting services.

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ProfitPlannerIII is our simple to use but powerfully comprehensive desktop budgeting tool for the automotive dealer. Create full P&L analysis along with balance sheet, working capital, funds flow and vehicle stocks planning departments.

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ProfitPlanner+ is our latest web-based budgeting tool, providing seamless, streamlined bi-directional integration with our Composite platform, simplifying budget creation and maximising the benefits of performance comparison. The intuitive user-interface and powerful functionality of ProfitPlanner+ are designed to support the creation of integrated 12-month and multi-year budgets quickly, easily and accurately, using rich seasonalisation/growth tools and integrated data validation so you spend less time entering values and more time planning your business' future.

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