Transform raw data into actionable insights

Composite Interrogator is a powerful data mining tool, which allows for more strategic and focused franchise management. It enables organisations to drill directly into detailed performance data across the whole franchise network and carry out an in-depth examination of limitless scenarios.

Is your business equipped to answer any ad-hoc questions about your franchise network?

Your technology and resources are limited to query data and answer ad-hoc questions.

Your current solution doesn't facilitate the creation of unlimited bespoke scenarios.

Your data analysis toolbox has limited functionality to mine raw numbers to recognise opportunities and viability for future investments.

Composite Interrogator is an entirely self-service tool, which empowers organisations to drill down into clearly defined data and access critical insights. It allows you to create the report you need when you need it, granting you access to pertinent information for spotting opportunities and making fast decisions.

Provided as an advanced feature of APD's iCIS Performance Management suite, Interrogator can be used to extract specific data – averages, retailers' sales, periods or KPIs in any possible combination – and create multiple levels of groups and summaries within a customised report.

In addition, it can be configured in multiple languages, currencies, and databases, which can be loaded into the application, allowing multi-market managers to access data across global regions.

Composite Interrogator provides your business with the agility and intelligence you need to maximise opportunities for growth, allowing you to: