Live Webinar: How to create managers with exceptional leadership skills for lasting results

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“This is an eye-opener for any dealership manager. This webinar highlights the behavioural patterns that different team members show – and understanding these can benefit your dealerships' results.”

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Learn from industry experts on how to develop your managers’ leadership skills, using proven strategies to drive sales and profits from your teams.

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What you'll get out of this free webinar

Increase management performance

The steps required to develop leadership and management skills

Coaching framework

How a manager can increase their team member’s capabilities and performance

Encourage change

How a manager’s beliefs and thought processes underpin their effectiveness in leading teams

Improvement plans

How to create agile and robust plans that can be quickly implemented

Encourage performance

Understanding how motivational drivers can encourage individuals to achieve peak performance

Effective leadership

How managers can increase their own confidence and capabilities in leading their teams through measurable change

Tools for insight

How psychometric tools and questionnaires can assess the current effectiveness of a manager’s communication and management style