Business Management Services

Internet Composite Information System

apd are a specialist provider of global Inter-Firm Comparison (IFC) Composite Services. iCIS is our fully web based, online composite system. Our composite systems support both multi-language and multi-currency and is currently in use with clients in United Kingdom, Europe, America, Australia, N Africa and Middle East.

A fully web-based system, automatic import of trial balance direct from DMSs/Accounts packages with intelligent import controls, online colour coded data validation routine, 100% input data commercially reviewed, automated email notifications, privilege hierarchy for user access, instant management accounts reporting for custom periods and custom groups, dynamic building averages and real time submission statistics are some of the features of our powerful composite system.

Our flexible and experienced approach to creating bespoke composite service ensures a comprehensive, dynamic and detailed reporting suite designed exactly for the needs of your network. Including dynamic data source choices in reporting, action planning, ranked financial opportunities, What-If scenarios, process improvement reporting, executive summaries, trending and charting to name but a few features we will integrate in to your reporting suite.

Our highly skilled development team create a storyboard view of the composite reporting suite for approval before fully functional development takes place. Our vastly experienced production and support team handle all composite production resulting in full publication inside the same month as submission for all clients for all time periods.

All composite inputs are reviewed by our team of industry-experienced commercial analysts before being approved in the composite. All technical support queries are tracked and categorised and used internally during product development reviews as part of the product lifecycle development programme.

"You can't manage what you don't measure"


'Dashboards' from apd provides you with a visually stunning insight into the performance and health of your dealer network. Connected to our data warehouse, with ultimate access to the entire data estate for your composite, now you really do have your finger on the pulse of your dealer network like never before. View preconfigured dashboard pages, create your own dashboard pages, share with colleagues, download your dashboard pages for offline viewing or insert them into your business presentations, with drill down from top level through to countries and to dealers providing knowledge at your fingertips. 'Dashboards' from apd does not only report on apd composite data collected through iCIS, we also import data from any source giving you a stunning and powerful Dashboard level access to a centralised view of your markets even where you have multiple suppliers collecting data for you.

"Dashboards; behind every good decision"

Composite Database Interrogation Tool

Interrogator is our powerful composite data interrogation tool. This is provided to manufacturers as part of the composite suite of reporting services. Use this tool to drill down into any average, any dealer, any period, any KPI in any combination, or create custom dealer groups, custom KPIs, custom periods at your leisure. Multiple databases can be loaded into the application allowing multi-market managers access to data across global regions. Interrogator supports multi-languages.

"Knowledge is information at your fingertips"

ProfitPlannerIII is our simple to use but powerfully comprehensive desktop budgeting tool for the automotive dealer. Create full P&L analysis along with balance sheet, working capital, funds flow and vehicle stocks planning departments. Create single year monthly or multi-year annual plans. Use for business planning and viability studies. Consolidations, charts, printing, reports, PDF, multiple market modules, automated software updates, seasonalisation, notes, validation and input shortcuts.

Enables import of comparison composite data and integrates fully with apd's iCIS products.

ProfitPlannerIII is the essential tool for the automotive dealership business. Can be used as a standalone budgeting tool as well as an integrated part of composite services.

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail"

ProfitPlanner+ is our latest web-based budgeting tool. Building upon the capabilities of ProfitPlannerIII, ProfitPlanner+ provides seamless, streamlined bi-directional integration with our Composite platform, simplifying budget creation and maximising the benefits of performance comparison. Offered standalone, or integrated with our Composite services, the intuitive user-interface and powerful functionality of ProfitPlanner+ are designed to support the creation of integrated 12-month and multi-year budgets quickly, easily and accurately, using rich seasonalisation/growth tools and integrated data validation so you spend less time entering values and more time planning your business' future.

As a web-based solution, ProfitPlanner+ requires no installation, allowing you to start building your online budget at the click of a button, picking it up and progressing it from anywhere.

For manufacturers, distributors and dealer groups looking to implement a planning programme across a network of dealers, ProfitPlanner+ provides online activity tracking along with optional plan review/approval workflows and capability to integrate operational standards validation - centralising visibility and simplifying the standards compliance process.